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Things To Know - Certification

Professional Use Only
The Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment must be performed by a certified licensed stylist only and must be used with appropriate ventilation and must be performed in accordance with the manufacturer instructions.

Products Needed:
Step 1- Professional Ionic Cleanser
Step 2- Professional Smoothing Solution
Step 3- Professional Ionic Bonding Spray
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Tools Needed:
Brazilian Blowout applicator brush
Measuring cup
Color bowl
Brazilian Blowout hair clips
Brazilian Blowout cape
Nitrile gloves
2 pairs of protective eyewear (for stylist & client)
Brazilian Blowout Proionic Dryer
Brazilian Blowout round boar bristle brush
Brazilian Blowout Prodigital flat iron
Carbon fiber fine tooth comb

Get Certified!
Stylists must be certified in order to perform Brazilian Blowout Treatments. Complete your certification in less than 5 minutes!
Certify NOW Contact our customer service team if you have any questions regarding your certification:
PHONE: 1.877.779.7706
EMAIL: info@brazilianblowout.com

Free Training Events
We proudly offer FREE trainings to licensed stylists interested in offering Brazilian Blowout professional smoothing services. Stylists can choose to attend in person training or virtual training! Both trainings include the latest techniques, new services, business building tips, access to proven marketing tools and much more!
In Person Training
Virtual Training


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