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Things To Know - Brazilian Blowout Treatment - Steps

Professional Use Only
This 12-week Smoothing Treatment must be performed by a licensed stylist that is Brazilian Blowout certified.

Products Needed:
Step 1 - Professional Ionic Cleanser
Step 2 - Professional Smoothing Solution
Step 3 - Professional Ionic Bonding Spray
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Tools Needed:
Brazilian Blowout applicator brush
Measuring cup
Color bowl
Brazilian Blowout hair clips
Brazilian Blowout cape
Nitrile gloves
2 pairs of protective eyewear (for stylist & client)
Brazilian Blowout Proionic Dryer
Brazilian Blowout round boar bristle brush
Brazilian Blowout Prodigital flat iron
Carbon fiber fine tooth comb

Steps to perform the Brazilian Blowout treatment:
1. Cleanse with the Professional Ionic Cleanser- Removes build up and impurities in one wash

- Generously spray cleanser throughout soaking wet hair and scalp
- Massage vigorously until a foam beings to form
- Thoroughly rinse

2. Towel dry- Remove excess moisture to start with damp hair

- Moisture is needed to help spread the solution without over saturating
- Use spray bottle to dampen the hair if needed

3. Divide Hair- Into 4 even sections

- Start from the base of the neck and work your way up to the top

4. Measure Solution- Less is more

· SHAKE the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Solution before dispensing product
- Measure solution and pour into color bowl
- Short hair: ¼ - ½ oz
- Medium hair: ½ - ¾ oz
- Long hair: ¾ - 1 oz

5. Apply Solution

- Start with ¼ to ½ inch sections within the divided sections.
- Using the applicator brush, apply solution onto the hair, combing it out and working it from roots to ends (avoiding direct application to the scalp)

6. Blow dry*- As sleek and smooth as possible!

- Using the Brazilian Blowout Boar Bristle Brush, blow dry 2 inches away from the hair on medium heat, using as much tension as possible.
* Protective eyewear MUST be worn by both client & stylist during the blow dry and flat iron steps.

7. Flat iron* - Seal in the solution

- Flat iron ½ - 1 ½ inch sections on average
- Pass each section at least 4 or 5 times to seal in the treatment
* Protective eyewear MUST be worn by both client & stylist during the blow dry and flat iron steps.

8. Rinse- Completely rinse the solution out of the hair. Do NOT leave in

- Rinse with warm water for 1-2 minutes
- Do not shampoo

9. Apply Ionic Bonding Spray - This completes and preserves the treatment

- Shake Ionic Bonding Spray thoroughly, hold the bottle 5 inches from the hair and mist generously
- Comb to distribute evenly

Custom Brazilian Blowout Tips:

Maintaining curl/wave pattern
- Thicker sections: Flat iron 1-11⁄2 inch sections.
- Lower heat: Use a flat iron temperature of 380 F
- Less passes: Pass over each section 4-5 times.
- Use less tension

Smooth, sleek appearance
- Thinner sections: Flat iron in 1/4 inch sections.
- Zero elevation during the flat iron stage.
- More passes: 7 or more passes, especially at the base/root area.
- Use more tension.

View full instruction sheet here
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